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About mistress Island Queen

Mistress Island Queen is an amazing mistress who has no problem with in openly practicing BDSM, a set of exciting practices that is gradually gaining popularity. She is part of an extensive community who is willing to explore sexuality beyond limits throughout routines where all that matters is pleasure.

Intense encounters with the most delightful dominatrix

Island is willing to show you refreshing and exhilarating encounters that will open your mind and make you experiment your sexuality from a different perspective. With her you will discover the excitement that comes with a routine of domination and discipline. With that purpose she will resort to a wide variety of practices that will make you enjoy the materialization of your most pleasant erotic fantasies.

This experienced lady knows where to find high quality Dungeons-rooms where you can enjoy the most intense routines. These exclusive environments have all the furniture, accessories, security and hygiene that are necessary to make the most of each encounter.

These professional rooms have been specially created and designed to satisfy the wildest desires of anyone who is daring to taste the best of BDSM. Each one has its own individual characteristics. Therefore, you should inform your delightful mistress Island about your preferences so she can choose the most suitable environment for your taste.

A stunning woman who is willing to take you through the wildest adventures

This exquisite mistress is well informed about the required elements to create the most exciting BDSM encounter. She will offer you extensive possibilities to recreate the desired scenario where all your fantasies will be turned into the most stimulating experience.

She is willing to listen all the suggestions and ideas you have in mind in order to increase the intensity of the encounter. You can ask her to wear a fully black suit made with leather and latex and a couple of sexy high heels. Once the adventure begins, you will have to obey every single command that comes from her. If you behave, she will compensate you in the most exciting way.